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Karen DeRose & Alison Zajac Brownie Troop 36011
"This past spring, Barbara gave our Brownie troop a hooping lesson that the girls will never forget. The afternoon was the perfect combination of instruction and fun. Barbara was spunky and full of energy, and the girls learned many hooping basics to build their skills at home. We would highly recommend Barbara to other groups looking for a fun and unique activity."

Karen Clauson
"Barbara Pearlin is my teacher and I don’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone interested in learning to hoop. With warmth, patience and humor she helped me master the basics, and with her distinctive style she taught me a trick or two! She is a solid teacher and devoted to the art, and we are lucky to have her teaching locally."

Kathleen Booth
"Barbara Pearlin is an upbeat and patient instructor, who is naturally supportive and encouraging. I learned a tremendous amount about HoopDance from her in just two sessions, and I am hooked on it for life! She is very thorough, and is careful to include a good warmup and stretching sequence at the beginning. Barbara has a very accessible personality, and is therefore a joy to work with, particularly as a rank beginner. She demystified HoopDance for me which I had previously found intimidating. I highly recommend her for one-on-one training as well as a group leader."

Health Tip #1


Always stretch before and after you work out to prevent injury and to improve performance.

Health Tip #2

Remember to breathe

If possible try breathing exclusively through your nose during exercise.

Health Tip #3

Be mindful

and try to focus on the exercise you are doing in order to get the most out of your workout.

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